Fonts ~ Others


No, sorry, the fonts listed on this page are not for sale here. Please get them from those third-party vendors to use the webfonts with your own projects. Some are free, some are low cost, and some are full price.

Webfonts Used Here

These webfonts are available from third-party vendors and are usable with CSS3 in all major browsers in the most current versions.

This list is primarily for my own reference, as well as for visitors curious about a certain font. I update the list when I add or remove any webfonts.

Webfont technology is just now becoming more common. The formats, syntax, and browser support will change over time, as HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and webfonts specifications and usage mature.

  • ☐ Unchecked;
  • ☑ True;
  • ☒ False;

Indicates whether webfonts show properly in the given OS platform or browser. Firefox does not display local files properly for some desktop fonts, but I haven’t yet discovered the cause of the error.

  • FF Mozilla Firefox; // and other Mozilla Gecko browsers;
  • IE Microsoft Internet Explorer; // still at IE9;
  • SA Apple Safari; // and other Webkit browsers such as Google Chrome;
  • iOS Apple Safari Mobile; // on iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc.;

Debugging webfonts online versus local desktop or webfonts again. This page summarizes results. Each font sample page gives results for that font-family. Comments indicate where problems occur.

Name Class Comments
Alegreya Serif  
Almendra Serif | Display | Calligraphy | Lombardic  
Arsenal Sans-Serif | Humanist  
Name Class Comments
Ballpark Weiner Cursive  
Bank Gothic Pro Sans-Serif | Geometric  
Biortec Sans-Serif | Display  
Banksia Sans-Serif | Display  
BarBrawl BB Display  
Bluebeard Display  
BMovieSplatter Cursive | Display  
Bremen BT Display  
Name Class Comments
Carisma Sans-Serif ☒ FF Local;
Carus EF Light Display  
Century 751 BT Serif | Clarendon  
Century Expanded BT Serif | Clarendon  
Clarendon BT Serif | Clarendon ☒ IE Partial;
Clown Teeth BB Display  
Colonel Serial Serif | Clarendon  
Columbia Titling Serif | Clarendon  
Cooper BT Serif | Old-Style  
Cornerstone Sans-Serif | Display  
Creeping Evil BB Display  
Cuprum Sans-Serif | Display UPDATE
Name Class Comments
Dead Ringer BB Cursive | Display  
Didgeree Doodle NF Cursive | Display  
Directa Serif Serif | Clarendon  
Dodgy Ultra Display  
Doowop JNL Display  
Droeming Display ☒ FF Local;
Dynalight Cursive  
Name Class Comments
Eknaton Serif | Clarendon  
Enamel Brush Cursive  
Estonia Nouveau Pro Cursive ☒ FF Local;
Name Class Comments
Filmotype Brooklyn Cursive  
Filmotype Reef Serif | Display  
Name Class Comments
Galaxy BT Display  
Gentium Serif | Old Style  
Gibson Sans-Serif | Geometic  
Name Class Comments
Hanalei Display  
Handel Gothic BT Display | Sans-Serif | Geometric  
Hob Gob NF Cursive | Display  
Horizon BT Display  
Name Class Comments
Imaginary Friend BB Display  
Iowan Old Style Pro BT Serif | Transitional  
Name Class Comments
Name Class Comments
Kaushan Script Cursive  
Name Class Comments
Lapidary Capitals Sans-Serif | Humanist ☒ FF Local;
Libre Baskerville Serif | Transitional  
Linux Biolinum Sans-Serif | Humanist  
Lora Serif  
Name Class Comments
Marion Serif | Clarendon  
Mate Serif ☒ FF Local;
Merge Display  
Millenium BT Display  
MooLahLah ROB Display  
Moonshine Script NF Cursive | Display  
Name Class Comments
Noticia Text Serif  
Name Class Comments
Old Crone BB Cursive  
Omaha Bazoo NF Serif | Display  
Orange Cat Display  
Oswald Sans-Serif | Grotesque ☒ FF Local;
Name Class Comments
P22_Sparrow Display  
PaperBoy BB Display  
Paradigm Serif ☒ FF Local;
Pekin Display  
Perihelion BB Sans-Serif, Geometric  
Permanent Marker Cursive | Casual | Display  
Piedra Display  
Play Sans-Serif | Grotesque | Futuristic  
Plymouth Serial Sans-Serif | Grotesque  
PT Sans Sans-Serif  
PT Serif Serif  
Name Class Comments
Name Class Comments
Radiant_URW Sans-Serif | Geometric ☒ FF; ☒ iOS;
Rika Sans-Serif | Display  
Rosario Sans-Serif | Humanist ☒ FF Local;
Name Class Comments
Schadow BT Serif | Slab ☒ FF Local;
SF Wonder Comic Cursive  
SilverAge BB Cursive ☒ FF Local;
Spicy Rice Display  
Stafford Serial Slab-Serif  
Stellar Classic SG Sans-Serif | Geometric | Humanist | Retro  
Stony Island NF Sans-Serif | Display  
Sunset FS Serif  
Name Class Comments
Tangerine Cursive  
TitilliumText Sans-Serif | Geometric ☒ FF Local;
Name Class Comments
Name Class Comments
Veggieburger Script | Display | Comic  
Vitali Sans-Serif | Geometic  
VTC Letterer Pro Cursive  
Name Class Comments
Walnut Display | Script  
Name Class Comments
Name Class Comments
Name Class Comments
Zapf Elliptical 711 BT Serif | Clarendon  

Local Fonts ~ Bundled and Others

These are fonts I use for special projects offline, desktop, in print. I don’t yet have webfonts for these, only the desktop fonts. Webfont support will be added as vendors provide it and budget allows. Some vendors/foundries (such as Adobe, ITC, Monotype, and Linotype) require hefty monthly webfont licensing fees. Some vendors/foundries do not yet offer webfonts for some or all of their desktop fonts.

These fonts and bundles vary by operating system: Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Linux; by browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari; iOS Apple Safari Mobile; and application programs, such as the office suite, word processor, page layout, and graphics programs you use. If you use the same suites, then these are local to your system.

A later update may include a comprehensive list of desktop fonts I own.

Name Class Comments
Candara Sans-Serif ☒ iOS; Only Win;
Century Schoolbook Serif | Clarendon ☒ iOS; Only Win;
Eurostile LT Std Sans-Serif | Geometric ☒ iOS; ☒ FF; ☒ IE; ☒ SA;
ITC Cheltenham Std Serif | Clarendon ☒ FF; ☒ IE; ☒ SA; ☒ iOS;
ITC_Franklin Gothic Sans-Serif | Grotesque ☒ FF; ☒ iOS; Only Win;
ITC_Franklin Gothic Compressed Sans-Serif | Grotesque ☒ FF; ☒ iOS; Only Win;
ITC_Franklin Gothic Condensed Sans-Serif | Grotesque ☒ FF; ☒ iOS; Only Win;
Name Class Comments
ITC New Baskerville Std Serif | Transitional ☑ iOS; A version of Baskerville is bundled in iOS;
ITC Souvenir Std Serif | Old Style ☒ FF Local; ☒ FF Web;
Lucida Sans Sans-Serif | Humanist ☒ iOS; ☒ Win7; (Replace font files currently corrupted)
Optima LT Std Sans-Serif | Humanist ☒ iOS; ☒ FF;
Magneto Cursive | Display ☒ webfonts;
Palatino Serif | Old-Style ☑ iOS; A version of Palatino is bundled in iOS, Mac OSX, and Win7;
  1. Note for iOS: font-family: "Comic Sans MS", "Chalkboard SE", cursive;