Font Vendors


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Coming Soon. Original Fonts / Typefaces by Ben Whisman in OpenType and Webfonts formats for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

These fonts will be sold by 3rd-Party Vendors.

3rd-Party Font Vendors

Adobe is a software giant and industry standard for fonts, art, design, and publishing.
Blambot makes and loves comic book fonts and other casual, fun, and distinctive fonts. Their prices are very reasonable. Nate Piekos, the founder/owner of Blambot, attends ComicCon in San Diego each summer. I like and use Blambot fonts, such as for in print, on screen, and web design and illustration. Great stuff.
Comicraft makes and loves comic book fonts and artwork. Their site includes affordable fonts and links to comic book, manga, anime, and other cool stuff.
Fonts sold for web and desktop.
The best free fonts on the internet, they say. Includes their Webfont Kit Generator gizmo. Did I mention they’re free?
Makers of libre fonts for open use on the web, in ebooks, on screen, and in print. Fonts include Libertine and Biolinum.
One of the old giants of typography and typesetting, now digital. They date back to the early days of hot metal and other pre-computer mechanical and photo composition.
Paid and Free fonts from many vendors. Includes many webfonts.
SIL International
Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc., Partners in Language Learning. An organization for world and minority languages and learning. They have many libre / open source fonts for worldwide and minority language support, including Gentium, Charis, and others.