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Chanur Fan

C.J. Cherryh’s Chanur Series. Seven species trade at Meetpoint. But there had been reports of a strange, naked creature skulking about the docks, while crew worked cargo and traded jibes. The Pride of Chanur’s merchant captain took little notice, for much strangeness happened on those docks.

Foreigner Fan

C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner Series. Bren Cameron is the paidhi-aiji, human interpreter to Tabini-aiji of the Ragi Western Association. Humans had landed some centuries before, marooned in an unknown star system after a jumpspace accident, among the alien atevi giants. The humans were not precisely welcome. And then someone fired a shot.


An Earth astronaut is shot through a wormhole and ends up in a distant part of the galaxy, on the run with a group of fugitive aliens, chased by the Peacekeepers.

BlueCatShip’s Farscape Fan Site Since 2011.

Firefly | Serenity

A small transport captain and his crew make their living on the Rim of the Verse, after the Independents lose the war to the Alliance. No aliens, but a wide mix of human cultures…and horses.

Dark Angel

After the Collapse, a genetically engineered soldier, a revved-up girl, tries to make a new life for herself, and find the others like her.

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Star Trek Fan

Star Trek fandom since The Original Series and beyond.

I have done voice acting for various independent audio drama podcasts. See Also: Voice and Audio.

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Star Wars Rebels Fansite

Star Wars fandom since The Original Trilogy and beyond.

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