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The alphabet, language, and culture of the hani, mahendo’sat, stsho, kif, knnn, tc’a, chi, humans, and various other species, including clan Chanur, in the Merchanter Compact, in the science fiction universe created by C. J. Cherryh.


Novels of Compact Space: The Chanur Series by C.J. Cherryh
  • HB = hardbound;
  • PB = paperback;
  • EB = ebook;
  • AB = audiobook;
Nº. Title Date HB PB EB AB
# The Chanur Saga
1 The Pride of Chanur
2 Chanur’s Venture
3 The Kif Strike Back
# Chanur’s Endgame
4 Chanur’s Homecoming
5 Chanur’s Legacy
Nº. Title Date HB PB EB AB

Please See Also: Hani Language Site — Hani language site by Spence Hill, approved by C.J. Cherryh.

Still To Do

  1. Add links to hani fonts from na Spence.
  2. Ker Vetch has done work on mahen chiso, and this is cited on the mahen pages.
  3. Remember I owe CJC and fans a mahen font or font-family with inspiration from the Devanâgari and elsewhere.
  4. Reconcile ideas on mahen alphabet versus syllabary origins and sound system.
  5. Create recordings of sample Chanur Saga alien speech.

Samples of Styles Used