The Hani

The language, alphabet, and culture of the leonine hani species, including clan Chanur, in the Merchanter Compact, in the science fiction universe created by C. J. Cherryh.

Please see also: Hani Language Site — Hani language site by Spence Hill, approved by C.J. Cherryh.

Stations, Star Systems, and Jump Points

Hani Home Star System

  1. Ahr — Homestar of the hani, a yellow star similar to Sol, the human sun. It has six major planets, three stations, a null-g shipyard, and assorted moons, rings, and planetoids.
    1. Gohin — First planet orbiting Ahr, in the hani home star system.
    2. Anuurn — Homeworld of the hani, second in orbit about Ahr. Gaohn Station orbits Anuurn.
      1. Gaohn Station — Station in orbit about Anuurn, the hani homeworld.
    3. Harn Station, Harn Shipyards — Station and null-g shipyards in the hani home system. Which planet it orbits is unspecified. They get a look at the mahen hunter-ship Aja Jin when it goes in for repairs. The mahe are ready for their allies to see the new hunter-ships, though.
    4. Tyo — Third major planet of Ahr, in the hani system. Supports a hani colony and is orbited by Kilan Station.
      1. Kilan Station — Station orbiting Tyo, third planet in the hani home system. Supports the colony on Tyo.
    5. Tyar — Fourth major planet orbiting Ahr, in the hani home star system.
    6. Tyri — Fifth major planet of Ahr, the hani homestar.
    7. Anfas — Sixth major planet about Ahr, in the hani home star system.