Audio Drama Update 2015 June

I have just turned in my lines for the third episode of Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.

I was delayed too much, getting this episode done, and will make sure (somehow) it doesn’t happen again. There’s been frequent heavy rain and thunderstorms here, off and on for a few weeks, that has finally calmed down. There’s been construction in my subdivision and the highway and streets nearby. But still, I feel like I dropped the ball. I’ve been concentrating on other work, but the audio work is imporant to me. I intend to build toward pro, paying gigs. So the lines are in.

Dropbox, oddly, is not showing the files synched from my local computer to my Dropbox account online. Odd. And I don’t see any way to force it to refresh or fix the problem.

I therefore sent the file two other ways. One or both should get there, still before deadline, I hope.

I’m awaiting news on Episode 2’s production and release date. Episode 3 is still in production, of course.

I’m also awaiting news on a separate production for while I sent in lines and retakes some time ago. No news yet.

Giant Gnome’s Star Trek Outpost is still looking for an audio production engineer, and one of their cast members is recovering from a recent hospital stay. (She’s also on another podcast audio drama I follow.) Here’s wishing her a full, speedy recovery. Meanwhile, the Gnomes have released another mini-episode from a Comic-Con appearance, and they’re working on their next full episode.

The team at Star Trek Excelsior are still in production for their upcoming episode, #404, if I haven’t lost count. They, too, are looking for audio production engineer talent.

In addition, the folks at the Firefly Podcast: Balls and Bayonets Brigade, are running a fun, recorded RPG game, with each session recorded as an episode. The ladies at Sending a Wave, UK Browncoats, have been busy too. Both are recommended.

Oh, and a friend in fandom recommended recently the Wolf 359 podcast, which has a small, very dysfunctional crew on a space station outpost. The show takes risks and can be very sarcastic and occasionally dark. It’s quite good.


Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny – Episode 1

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny – Episode 1: Revolutionaries will air Sunday April 5th, 2015 on Bay of Islands Radio at 7:00 pm NDT.

Listeners will be able to stream live at the following times on:

Pacific Time 02:30 pm
Mountain Time 03:30 pm
Central Time 04:30 pm
Eastern Time 05:30 pm
Atlantic Time: 06:30 pm
Newfoundland Time: 07:00 pm

Learn more at:

When the podcast feed is available for iTunes and others, this blog post will be updated.

Update 1:

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny will also be carried on .

The podcast feed is available at:

An iTunes subscription link and other podcast feed links have been submitted and will be available soon.

Update 2:

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny premièred on Sunday, and is now available for download or streaming from their site.

The podcast is now available for subscription feed from iTunes and Stitcher. Login to either service and search on ( Star Trek Shadows of Tyranny ). Of course, the subscription is free. The promo is available now, and the first episode should be available as soon as it clears the services.

The podcast is also being carried on .

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Prelude to the Wookiee Problem

I am thinking up an article / essay on “the Wookiee problem,” or alien speech and the related problem of including mute characters.

I am not sure when this will show up as a finished post, but when it is, I’ll have it posted on my site and blog and will link to it from a few forums and blogs I visit.

This also relates to the portrayal or inclusion of mute people in fiction, though I’m not sure yet how I intend to address that.

I don’t know yet if I want to go even broader, to portrayal of things like handicaps or ageism. I don’t yet know if it’ll be more than one post.

But I want to write something, because the problem of how to write a character for an audio or video play, or for a novel, without having the character be a sidekick, and with taking into account the realistic things a character has to deal with, when he or she can’t avoid or magically cure the condition: a realistic, strongly portrayed character.


Audio Dramas Update – 2015-02

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Starship Excelsior

On 2015-11-29, the Starship Excelsior podcast released Episode 402 – Guards, Get Them! in which I play the guest role of Turgas, an alien. It’s my largest role to date.

On 2015-12-26, they released Episode 403, At Death’s Door. I’m not in it, but I’ve been a fan of the series since I first found it a few years ago, and I’ve done guest roles a few times since then.

They are in production on Episode 404, which will be found as soon as it’s released.

Shadows of Tyranny

The team at Shadows of Tyranny, an audio drama podcast set in the Star Trek Mirror Universe, are still in production on the first two episodes. Their latest update has announced a tentative release date by the end of February or start of March, 2015.

The series will be in six episodes, as currently planned. Remember that it’s set in the Mirror Universe, where the crew of the Enterprise were space pirates, not exactly evil twins, but close to it. So it’s more suitable for teens and above.

I play a series regular, Ens. Chekov, complete with a Russian accent. I’ve gotten compliments on the accent, and I would hope it sounds reasonably authentic to real Russians. I had a great time doing research for the accent, only it didn’t feel like work to listen to real Russians and ex-patriates. It’s also great to play such a great a character.

Other Stuff

I’m a fan of Giant Gnome’s Star Trek Outpost, and I’ve auditioned before for another of Giant Gnome’s series, the 13th Hour, a thriller.

I have submitted lines for an episode of another audio podcast series that may get a revival. That’s in pre-production. I’ll have more news on that as things progress.

I’ve had great fun and learned a lot so far, doing fan-based and other amateur voice audio work. Those have been volunteer, unpaid gigs. But I enjoy it so much, I intend to continue doing that. It’s great fun to play a character, to pretend and act, to be someone else for a little while. It’s also great fun to give other people a lot of enjoyment for a little while, a break from real life. So this is something I will be doing long-term.

I’ll have some more auditions and possibly more roles coming up in 2015. I also will be looking into local voice and audio work here in town, with an ear towards, hey, a paying gig. It would be super to appear in an anime, for instance. I will also be looking into applying as a reader for, but I won’t know about either of those for a while.

More updates as I get news! Stay tuned!


Audio Dramas Update – 2015-01


I am still waiting to hear back on news regarding Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny, the audio drama in which I play Mirror Chekov. They were supposed to premiere today, but no news yet. I haven’t heard back since early this week. Hoping it’s only a hiccup and they get back to me. Also hoping it’s on track for this weekend, as that hasn’t changed as far as I know. Candidly, I liked the first episode script and thought the second episode script was weaker. I hope the further scripts will be better. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I was cast as a regular, so I’m in it as long as ol’ Chekov lasts.

I turned in lines (finally got the retakes finished) for another audio episode still in planning / pre-production. This was an alien character for a known species, but as I got into it, and as I did the lines again, I had several realizations about doing an alien accent like that, which will go into a post on my blog this weekend. I only realized that after doing the retakes, though. So, live and learn. I don’t know at all when that will enter actual production and release. It’s for an audio drama that went on a long hiatus, and now may come back with both new and some old members behind it.

Shadows of Tyranny — Audio Drama Podcast

Hello, out there!

There is an upcoming podcast audio drama, Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.

This is set in the Star Trek Mirror Universe, with the original crew. However, these are not necessarily your friendly, lovable people. They’re not bad guys…if you ask them. So lock up the younguns and granny…unless that’s not a problem. (Parental Guidance is suggested.)

This is to be a six-part audio drama, with the first one or two parts now given a target release date of Dec. 31st.

I am one of the regular cast. I play Ens. Pavel Chekov, with a Russian accent I’ve had several compliments on already.

The podcast will be available by clicking on the feed link, when released, OR via iTunes or your other favorite podcast feeders. Search for Shadows of Tyranny.

The target date for release of the first one or two episodes is currently December 31st.

I’ll have more news when I hear more from the producers, who are working feverishly on the production. Hey, this is voluntary, we all have day jobs.

The cast includes professional actors and non-professional amateur actors, each with prior experience. The production company will be doing other things as well, upcoming.

Guards, Get Them! — Starship Excelsior Ep. 402

Howdy, All!

There is a new episode of Starship Excelsior out, Episode 402 – “Guards, GET THEM!” — and I’m in it. I play Turgas, an alien.

Starship Excelsior is an audio drama podcast, the adventures of the Starship Excelsior in the Star Trek: Next Generation era.

The episode is a new starting point in the series, a good place to pick up if you’re just starting.

The podcast is available at:

Go to Episodes –OR– Click the Subscribe (FREE!) button for iTunes or other podcast feeds.

Or, in iTunes or your other favorite podcast feeder, search for Starship Excelsior, and that should let you subscribe so you get new episodes automatically.

The show is in its fourth season, and the quality is good from the start and gets better as they go.

Audio and Voice Work – Part 2

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This past weekend, I did a table read for an upcoming audio drama. This was great fun to do, and the voice actors are terrific in their parts.

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny is by Melting Clock Productions. I’m cast as a regular, Ensign Pavel Chekov.

I had a great time before the audition earlier this year, reviewing real Russian accents to get my accent right. I’ve already had some praise for how it’s turning out.

Now I have two episodes for which to record lines, with more forthcoming. Current plans are for six parts to the series, with two or three releases. The regular cast and guest parts are played by a mix of professional and amateur voice actors. It’s going to be good stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m awaiting production to finish for the release of Starship Excelsior, Episode 4.02, “Guards, Get Them!” in which I play an alien with a sizable part. I expect the release of 4.02 and 4.03 will be this year, but I’m not sure when yet.

I turned in lines for a future production, a restart of a popular Star Trek fan/indie series, in which I play a Caitian for one episode. That is further down the line, possibly this year, for release. The production team are still working out details.

I’m awaiting word on another audition, and hope for the best. I like the two series currently in production by the folks at Giant Gnome Productions and would like playing a part.

I’ve had a couple of leads on possible upcoming projects that sure sound exciting, but I can’t give away any details yet. One may include professional actors as well as amateurs getting into more work.

So far, all this has been amateur volunteer work. I am getting brave enough that I’ll be researching what’s available in my city, to see if I can get into this on a paid basis too.

My prior experience has included various voice and audio work going back to 2009 for audio dramas, and back to 2006 for other audio work, mostly readings of stories and poetry at that time.

Past singing experience has also included amateur church choir, group and solos, from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood until a few years ago.

Past acting experience, besides voice work, included a little very amateur live theater, plays and skits, but did not include any professional venues. I now think I would’ve loved taking theater classes in high school.

I’d say my voice audio work online has been at a higher level. I still feel like I’m a beginner, but I have several credits under my belt now and I’m getting better parts, more challenging and fun work.

But heck, voice acting and audio work online began as both fun and volunteer efforts, because it might be fun to do and because there was a need.

That grew into, “Hey, this is really a lot of fun, I like it, even when it’s just a few lines. It’s great being someone else, some other character. It’s also cathartic. And well, it also answers that creative, artistic side of me that loves a good story or poem. In short, it’s a blast to get to do this stuff, voice acting and audio work, for fun, for the experience, to hear more good storytelling out there. Uh, paid work is also very good! I’m having so much fun doing this, though, that it’s so worth it all.

I am always interested in auditioning for new indie and fan productions. Any genre is fine. Most of my work so far has been in science fiction and fantasy and thrillers. However, I’d have great fun in historical pieces or almost anything. Heck, if it’s a good story, whether it’s a bit part or a big deal, I’ll give it a go.

I am familiar with the good and the not so good in life, with handicaps, especially vision-impairment (low-vision or legally blind), long-term caregiving, and with issues affecting LGBT gay folks. I’ve seen enough of life to know there are highs and lows, and this informs any good storytelling. I’d consider poetry, music, and visual arts to be ways of telling stories too.

My professional background has included writing and editing, design and graphics, and web design. My educational background includes some computer science, but primarily English literature, and French and Spanish language coursework, up through a French literature survey course in French. This means stories and poetry and non-fiction, as well as arts and music and theater, have always been a part of my life. My mother was a professional fine artist, a painter, as well as a businesswoman, and my father was the kind of mechanical engineer who’s born with a talent for fixing things, then for designing them. So I grew up with painterly smells from earliest childhood. It was probably inevitable that I’d get into voice acting and audio work.

I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future…or the past or the present.

I’ll have more news on upcoming releases as I learn of them.


Writing – Stories, Poems, Non-Fiction

On my site (see the link to the Site above) you’ll find a few short-short stories, first installments of long-form stories, a collection of many freeform poems, and several non-fiction essays or articles.

These cover whatever subjects might interest me.

The non-fiction has some geeky technical pieces as well as human interest or general topics.

The poetry can cover darn near anything, and is more poetry by ideas or connections, mood and style, than by rhyme and meter. So far, I haven’t done much that could work as song lyrics or traditional poetry. But for me, at least, they work as something akin to poems.

The fictional stories I have publicly available are short-short stories and a few intended as novels or anthologies or serials, but so far, those have only one or two installments each.

That brings up a major point. I have a folder full of story ideas, anything from brief notes, bits and pieces, to several chapters and larger world-building. One in particular is a story-universe intended for many stories. That one started in college, and has gone through some important morphing of the ideas and world-building recently. My goal is to get more stories completed, so there’s more out there for readers to enjoy.

Though many of my stories are present-day, here-and-now, and though I like several genres, I have always had a love for science fiction.  I want to get those stories written, besides the world-building, the background of the story-universes those play in.

I always seem to have several ideas running in my head, and new ones can pop up at any time. This has, in recent years, made it hard to pay attention to one story and bring it to completion, when the background, the story-universe it lives in, has been changing, growing.

I still feel like an amateur fiction writer. Though I’ve had ideas going since college, it’s only recently that I’ve been writing things seriously, towards being a full-time writer. I have other projects I do (audio, font design, artwork, web/print design) that I’m trying to get done too, and to teach myself new, needed skills, especially in the changing web and ebook and print publishing fields. So I’m distracted with a number of things going, and I don’t yet have the progress, the completed output, I want to see.

It’s a major goal to get things written, both in what I already have started, and in ideas and stories still in progress, in their various stages in my writing folders.

From time to time, I expect to begin releasing new stories, poems, and non-fiction again. I will keep readers posted on the process and on pieces, novels, or collections, as they become available.

If you enjoy a story, poem, or non-fiction piece, or if you have comments or suggestions, I would love to get feedback from you. In fact, I’d be surprised. I value positive feedback and value negative feedback when it makes me think more and learn from it.

Future plans include bringing my fiction and poetry into ebook formats (for very reasonable prices), rather than web pages. I expect my non-fiction articles to remain available online as web pages, with the addition of ebook formats. These should happen as I can get to them. I am learning EPUB3 and need to learn PHP too.

Stay tuned for more!