Audio Drama Update 2015 June

I have just turned in my lines for the third episode of Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.

I was delayed too much, getting this episode done, and will make sure (somehow) it doesn’t happen again. There’s been frequent heavy rain and thunderstorms here, off and on for a few weeks, that has finally calmed down. There’s been construction in my subdivision and the highway and streets nearby. But still, I feel like I dropped the ball. I’ve been concentrating on other work, but the audio work is imporant to me. I intend to build toward pro, paying gigs. So the lines are in.

Dropbox, oddly, is not showing the files synched from my local computer to my Dropbox account online. Odd. And I don’t see any way to force it to refresh or fix the problem.

I therefore sent the file two other ways. One or both should get there, still before deadline, I hope.

I’m awaiting news on Episode 2’s production and release date. Episode 3 is still in production, of course.

I’m also awaiting news on a separate production for while I sent in lines and retakes some time ago. No news yet.

Giant Gnome’s Star Trek Outpost is still looking for an audio production engineer, and one of their cast members is recovering from a recent hospital stay. (She’s also on another podcast audio drama I follow.) Here’s wishing her a full, speedy recovery. Meanwhile, the Gnomes have released another mini-episode from a Comic-Con appearance, and they’re working on their next full episode.

The team at Star Trek Excelsior are still in production for their upcoming episode, #404, if I haven’t lost count. They, too, are looking for audio production engineer talent.

In addition, the folks at the Firefly Podcast: Balls and Bayonets Brigade, are running a fun, recorded RPG game, with each session recorded as an episode. The ladies at Sending a Wave, UK Browncoats, have been busy too. Both are recommended.

Oh, and a friend in fandom recommended recently the Wolf 359 podcast, which has a small, very dysfunctional crew on a space station outpost. The show takes risks and can be very sarcastic and occasionally dark. It’s quite good.