Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny – Episode 1

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny – Episode 1: Revolutionaries will air Sunday April 5th, 2015 on Bay of Islands Radio at 7:00 pm NDT.

Listeners will be able to stream live at the following times on:

Pacific Time 02:30 pm
Mountain Time 03:30 pm
Central Time 04:30 pm
Eastern Time 05:30 pm
Atlantic Time: 06:30 pm
Newfoundland Time: 07:00 pm

Learn more at:

When the podcast feed is available for iTunes and others, this blog post will be updated.

Update 1:

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny will also be carried on .

The podcast feed is available at:

An iTunes subscription link and other podcast feed links have been submitted and will be available soon.

Update 2:

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny premièred on Sunday, and is now available for download or streaming from their site.

The podcast is now available for subscription feed from iTunes and Stitcher. Login to either service and search on ( Star Trek Shadows of Tyranny ). Of course, the subscription is free. The promo is available now, and the first episode should be available as soon as it clears the services.

The podcast is also being carried on .

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