Audio Dramas Update – 2015-02

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Starship Excelsior

On 2015-11-29, the Starship Excelsior podcast released Episode 402 – Guards, Get Them! in which I play the guest role of Turgas, an alien. It’s my largest role to date.

On 2015-12-26, they released Episode 403, At Death’s Door. I’m not in it, but I’ve been a fan of the series since I first found it a few years ago, and I’ve done guest roles a few times since then.

They are in production on Episode 404, which will be found as soon as it’s released.

Shadows of Tyranny

The team at Shadows of Tyranny, an audio drama podcast set in the Star Trek Mirror Universe, are still in production on the first two episodes. Their latest update has announced a tentative release date by the end of February or start of March, 2015.

The series will be in six episodes, as currently planned. Remember that it’s set in the Mirror Universe, where the crew of the Enterprise were space pirates, not exactly evil twins, but close to it. So it’s more suitable for teens and above.

I play a series regular, Ens. Chekov, complete with a Russian accent. I’ve gotten compliments on the accent, and I would hope it sounds reasonably authentic to real Russians. I had a great time doing research for the accent, only it didn’t feel like work to listen to real Russians and ex-patriates. It’s also great to play such a great a character.

Other Stuff

I’m a fan of Giant Gnome’s Star Trek Outpost, and I’ve auditioned before for another of Giant Gnome’s series, the 13th Hour, a thriller.

I have submitted lines for an episode of another audio podcast series that may get a revival. That’s in pre-production. I’ll have more news on that as things progress.

I’ve had great fun and learned a lot so far, doing fan-based and other amateur voice audio work. Those have been volunteer, unpaid gigs. But I enjoy it so much, I intend to continue doing that. It’s great fun to play a character, to pretend and act, to be someone else for a little while. It’s also great fun to give other people a lot of enjoyment for a little while, a break from real life. So this is something I will be doing long-term.

I’ll have some more auditions and possibly more roles coming up in 2015. I also will be looking into local voice and audio work here in town, with an ear towards, hey, a paying gig. It would be super to appear in an anime, for instance. I will also be looking into applying as a reader for, but I won’t know about either of those for a while.

More updates as I get news! Stay tuned!