Audio Dramas Update – 2015-01


I am still waiting to hear back on news regarding Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny, the audio drama in which I play Mirror Chekov. They were supposed to premiere today, but no news yet. I haven’t heard back since early this week. Hoping it’s only a hiccup and they get back to me. Also hoping it’s on track for this weekend, as that hasn’t changed as far as I know. Candidly, I liked the first episode script and thought the second episode script was weaker. I hope the further scripts will be better. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I was cast as a regular, so I’m in it as long as ol’ Chekov lasts.

I turned in lines (finally got the retakes finished) for another audio episode still in planning / pre-production. This was an alien character for a known species, but as I got into it, and as I did the lines again, I had several realizations about doing an alien accent like that, which will go into a post on my blog this weekend. I only realized that after doing the retakes, though. So, live and learn. I don’t know at all when that will enter actual production and release. It’s for an audio drama that went on a long hiatus, and now may come back with both new and some old members behind it.

1 thought on “Audio Dramas Update – 2015-01”

  1. I heard back from them last night. Things are progressing…but I don’t know a new release date yet. When I know something new, I’ll post again.