Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

My day yesterday began with a most ambiguous arrival by message cylinder. One was quite sure for a while that perhaps one’s financial situation was very badly in error, a mistake on the part of the sender, or else a most infortuitous change in its situation of some kind.

After wondering how I could (at all) survive such an outcome, great calamity, dread, and near panic…one calmed down and resolved to take the beast by the tail, to call and find out what in the lowest mahen heck was going on. One did not expect to discover this or get to speak to a real, live person before a holiday.

However, there was an intrepid and congenial and intelligent young lady on duty, and prompt, and one was quite, quite surprised to get quick and smart answers to one’s (rather stunned) questions. One is sitll extremely grateful to have encountered a smart worker, as one has too often encountered the opposite at times.

The young lady looked things over and gave a very satisfactory and inexplicably fortunate (for one) outcome. One is assured, however, that this was likely a one-time adjustment, and that one’s monthly proceeds might not increase any; and further, that if any further adjustment occurred, both positive or negative change was possible. However, the item one had received, in one’s favor, was not in error, most astonishingly; though one had not received any message cylinder with any missive explaining or announcing this eventuality.

One had further questions, to be sure of what was going on. One received good, courteous, thorough explanations. One thanked the young woman profusely. One remained quite stunned the rest of the day, having gone from expectation of extreme catastrophe to equally unanticipated good fortune.

Once the item is cleared, one may pay off some debts, and one need not worry about keeping one’s home for the coming year. One may possibly have certain repairs done. One may actually put into savings for a while. One shall have sufficient time, one earnestly hopes, in order for other income to begin, from font production still in progress, or from other things, such as possibly ebooks or audio work.

So…one is still quite, quite overcome. For the first time in years, one has breathing room for a while. It is not an absolute nor a permanent solution. It only takes care of things for a while. But the effect is quite, quite needed.

Meanwhile, current production has been having some mild upswing in inspiration and productivity. One is continuing to learn, at least, and to create, which is much better this month than had been. So one has a good chance, perhaps, of making the most of one’s good fortune.

So…this has one very much in relieved good spirits. Never mind that the unexpected result will be mostly or completely taken up by paying off some things and perhaps a repair or two. But those, one could not have otherwise done in a great many months. So even though more temporary, it is still…most greatly appreciated. It is…whether it’s random chance or a blessing, one no longer cares to guess such things. But it was most needed and will be very well used and appreciated.

Just…unimaginable for such a positive change to have occurred. But so, so needed, and so very welcome.

So…one goes into the New Year in a much better situation than one has had in some years, and one is both glad and yet still astonished and not quite able to fathom it.

Happy New Year, to all and sundry. Here’s hoping things will improve for everyone in the coming year.

Here’s also hoping all will find someone special, friends, new family, loved ones, a partner, pets, with which to share and enjoy life, as one is still convinced this is a needed and welcome thing. One wishes to find same also, as one remains too lacking in these matters.

Nappy New Year, peace and prosperity and love, for these three are in too short supply amongst all humankind, and are to be cherished and encouraged when so rarely found.