My Cats Cast

Ben – That’s me, the human guy, vision-impaired.

Goober – He’s 13+, a black-and-white tuxedo cat, a confirmed housecat and gentleman, the most non-assertive cat in the universe. He can be passive-aggressive, and occasionally brave. He has a sense of humor, and he’s sometimes prone to klutzy mistakes which he doesn’t mean to make. Thus the name, which he earned as a kitten. He’s been through a lot with me since October, 2006-10-31.

Mystic – He showed up 2019-12-29.. I put up flyers for 8 to 11 days and no one claimed him, so I think he’s mine. He’s in and out, and currently, a mama cat and another cat have kept him from showing up or coming in. He’s awaiting his first vet appointment. He’s a very mild cat who must have had a home before, but has been out so long, he’s no longer sure what to make of it, except he likes the attention and food. He has a large growth or tumor on his tail which will need surgery, if possible, for removal, and care afterward. He and Goober are both mild and shy, but they haven’t made friends yet. They are OK near each other or give each other space, but haven’t yet really made friends. I’m hopeful things will work out so I can keep him. He’s a longhair brown tabby and white, and I’m unsure of his age. For a few weeks, I had missed seeing the evidence and had thought he was female, so he started out as Misty. He didn’t mind.

Curry – Showed up 2019-08-18 or 2019-08-20. He’s a brown tabby shorthair, very handsome and charming, and has a sweet side, but also a very spicy aggressive side. He is semi-feral and cannot be placed as an indoor cat or housecat. I would have kept him if so. He still needs to be neutered but has had his shots. Also, he has a BB pellet embedded in his neck. Sometime when he was only a few months old, he was shot with a BB pellet and lived and healed up before I ever saw him. He does OK with me, but he can misread cues and get aggressive or angry too easily. He has misbehaved in the apartment and has fussed and fought with other cats, and always wants out to fight and mate and carouse like a pirate. He is banned from the bedroom permanently, and I’ve had to reconsider letting him come inside at all. But no one will take him, and TNR, Trap-Neuter-Release is his only option. That is pending, I hope soon. Being neutered may or may not tone down his aggression.

Peppercorn aka Pearl – She showed up 2020-01-30. She was starving. But it was obvious she was newly pregnant or had recently delivered, and was nursing. She is an all-black shorthair cat. A little over a week later, she showed up with two kittens, about 2 or 3 weeks old. Then two days later, she’d brought all five (5) kittens. Only then did I find out she has had a home with José and family in a nearby apartment. She continued ringing back her babies after he took them back. Then a day or two later, another stray cat, probably Curry, scared and chased off or stole one of the kittens, as best I can tell. Hours later, Peppercorn took her other kitten with her and left for a while. I have not seen her kittens since then. I think either she took them back to the other apartment, or else she has hidden them somewhere else around the complex. José and family have not been back since that second day, and I don’t know what will happen. Peppercorn will aggressively chase off Curry and less so, Mystic and will fuss at Goober. But Mystic has defended her against the others by lying down and not moving, keeping himself between her and them so she could eat, when he didn’t eat, but could have. I suspect he and Curry may be the father(s) of her kittens. I hope they are all safe, but I think the one kitten may be lost or dead. She is welcome, and comes around multiple times a day for food, moist or dry. I had set up a box for her and the kittens, and have food and water bowls outside for them. The kittens are old enough that they have started eating moist food and can climb in and out of the box or run around, playing following their mama, or run off, or be scared off or lured away by another cat. So she defends them. The neighborhood kids are not all friendly towards cats, and the little kids may take kittens without knowing that they are too young to leave mama yet. So I am right in the middle of all this.

There may be new cats who show up, and old cats may lead or pass away, so this list will be updated periodically.