To All Subscribers

If you are a new or current subscriber of this blog, or if you apply to be a new subscriber, please also send an email to ( bluecatship (at) shiny fiction (dot) com ) with some general greeting to show you are not a spambot. Besides the usual filters for WordPress, I am trying this to weed out potential problems.

Existing subscribers, I would encourage you to comment on posts in order to see that there is a real person (or lifeforms) attached to your username and email. I am updating the blog after it has been dormant for some time, and I have a small batch of subscribers who are probably fine, but who have not commented. I do not wish to remove genuine visitors, but I don’t want any non-existent ones to slip through.

Thank you in advance, and welcome to all humans, aliens, talking animals, and cybernetic lifeforms who visit or subscribe or comment.

One thought on “To All Subscribers”

  1. * I am still learning my way around WordPress. I’m not yet sure if I can reset passwords if you need that, but I believe you can request it and WordPress will do so for you.

    * When you register, if you would send an email also with some general comment, that will help me weed out spam and keep real persons and know they are genuine. I have asked a couple of people who have sent emails if they have registered, since I haven’t seen their usernames or email addresses yet.

    * People I know from other blogs and forums have “Subscribed” or “Followed,” but I do not yet see them as registered users. So if you have tried this, please let me know, so I can diagnose and maybe fix what’s going on.

    * If you try to comment and cannot, please be aware it will likely ask you to login. Once you’ve logged in, if you cannot get it to post a comment, please email me to let me know, so again, I can resolve this or know there’s a problem.

    * Best Wishes, Everyone. — Ben W. | BlueCatShip