Blog Restarting Soon

I will be restarting the blog soon, with more varied subjects, opinions or editorials, fonts and design, the cats’ shenanigans, science fiction and fandom, vision-impaired related topics, and whatever else comes to mind, likely.

Please register in order to comment. I’ve updated the filtering to weed out spam registrations, and that is still being tweaked. Humans, aliens, talking animals, and cybernetic lifeforms are welcome as long as they can remain civil to one another.

Note that I may start a font design blog at my other website once that is further along. For now, you can expect occasional musings on that as the mood suits me. I am working on fonts to be published for purchase, but I am not yet sure when that will happen. News of that will be here and on my other site.

I have not done voice / audio work in a while. I’m an amateur. I really enjoyed this, but the fan-related podcasts / dramas I’d worked on are much less active now. I would enjoy fan-based or original works.

I’m vision-impaired, legally blind, and I am currently dealing with that slowly, as my personal situation has changed and is being difficult. I may be moving in the next few months, but I’m not sure yet. So I may have occasional posts about that.

My old cat is a character, but so are all cats. I’m currently in an apartment complex, and the local cats, neighbors and strays, have figured out I’m a soft touch, because I got very tired of hearing the strays fight, mate, etc. outside in all kinds of weather. Uh, the humans tend to do this also. Well, some of one or the other, and as with the cats, sometimes it’s hard to be sure which. So I have been writing elsewhere about the cats, and will be putting that here.

I have attempted to write fiction, poetry, and non-fiction a while back, and will pick that up at times or get regular at it. Writing will be posted on my main site, linked above.

Be good to each other. Life is short and seldom easy. Welcome to my blog.