Shadows of Tyranny — Audio Drama Podcast

Hello, out there!

There is an upcoming podcast audio drama, Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.

This is set in the Star Trek Mirror Universe, with the original crew. However, these are not necessarily your friendly, lovable people. They’re not bad guys…if you ask them. So lock up the younguns and granny…unless that’s not a problem. (Parental Guidance is suggested.)

This is to be a six-part audio drama, with the first one or two parts now given a target release date of Dec. 31st.

I am one of the regular cast. I play Ens. Pavel Chekov, with a Russian accent I’ve had several compliments on already.

The podcast will be available by clicking on the feed link, when released, OR via iTunes or your other favorite podcast feeders. Search for Shadows of Tyranny.

The target date for release of the first one or two episodes is currently December 31st.

I’ll have more news when I hear more from the producers, who are working feverishly on the production. Hey, this is voluntary, we all have day jobs.

The cast includes professional actors and non-professional amateur actors, each with prior experience. The production company will be doing other things as well, upcoming.

Guards, Get Them! — Starship Excelsior Ep. 402

Howdy, All!

There is a new episode of Starship Excelsior out, Episode 402 – “Guards, GET THEM!” — and I’m in it. I play Turgas, an alien.

Starship Excelsior is an audio drama podcast, the adventures of the Starship Excelsior in the Star Trek: Next Generation era.

The episode is a new starting point in the series, a good place to pick up if you’re just starting.

The podcast is available at:

Go to Episodes –OR– Click the Subscribe (FREE!) button for iTunes or other podcast feeds.

Or, in iTunes or your other favorite podcast feeder, search for Starship Excelsior, and that should let you subscribe so you get new episodes automatically.

The show is in its fourth season, and the quality is good from the start and gets better as they go.