Audio and Voice Work – Part 2

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This past weekend, I did a table read for an upcoming audio drama. This was great fun to do, and the voice actors are terrific in their parts.

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny is by Melting Clock Productions. I’m cast as a regular, Ensign Pavel Chekov.

I had a great time before the audition earlier this year, reviewing real Russian accents to get my accent right. I’ve already had some praise for how it’s turning out.

Now I have two episodes for which to record lines, with more forthcoming. Current plans are for six parts to the series, with two or three releases. The regular cast and guest parts are played by a mix of professional and amateur voice actors. It’s going to be good stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m awaiting production to finish for the release of Starship Excelsior, Episode 4.02, “Guards, Get Them!” in which I play an alien with a sizable part. I expect the release of 4.02 and 4.03 will be this year, but I’m not sure when yet.

I turned in lines for a future production, a restart of a popular Star Trek fan/indie series, in which I play a Caitian for one episode. That is further down the line, possibly this year, for release. The production team are still working out details.

I’m awaiting word on another audition, and hope for the best. I like the two series currently in production by the folks at Giant Gnome Productions and would like playing a part.

I’ve had a couple of leads on possible upcoming projects that sure sound exciting, but I can’t give away any details yet. One may include professional actors as well as amateurs getting into more work.

So far, all this has been amateur volunteer work. I am getting brave enough that I’ll be researching what’s available in my city, to see if I can get into this on a paid basis too.

My prior experience has included various voice and audio work going back to 2009 for audio dramas, and back to 2006 for other audio work, mostly readings of stories and poetry at that time.

Past singing experience has also included amateur church choir, group and solos, from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood until a few years ago.

Past acting experience, besides voice work, included a little very amateur live theater, plays and skits, but did not include any professional venues. I now think I would’ve loved taking theater classes in high school.

I’d say my voice audio work online has been at a higher level. I still feel like I’m a beginner, but I have several credits under my belt now and I’m getting better parts, more challenging and fun work.

But heck, voice acting and audio work online began as both fun and volunteer efforts, because it might be fun to do and because there was a need.

That grew into, “Hey, this is really a lot of fun, I like it, even when it’s just a few lines. It’s great being someone else, some other character. It’s also cathartic. And well, it also answers that creative, artistic side of me that loves a good story or poem. In short, it’s a blast to get to do this stuff, voice acting and audio work, for fun, for the experience, to hear more good storytelling out there. Uh, paid work is also very good! I’m having so much fun doing this, though, that it’s so worth it all.

I am always interested in auditioning for new indie and fan productions. Any genre is fine. Most of my work so far has been in science fiction and fantasy and thrillers. However, I’d have great fun in historical pieces or almost anything. Heck, if it’s a good story, whether it’s a bit part or a big deal, I’ll give it a go.

I am familiar with the good and the not so good in life, with handicaps, especially vision-impairment (low-vision or legally blind), long-term caregiving, and with issues affecting LGBT gay folks. I’ve seen enough of life to know there are highs and lows, and this informs any good storytelling. I’d consider poetry, music, and visual arts to be ways of telling stories too.

My professional background has included writing and editing, design and graphics, and web design. My educational background includes some computer science, but primarily English literature, and French and Spanish language coursework, up through a French literature survey course in French. This means stories and poetry and non-fiction, as well as arts and music and theater, have always been a part of my life. My mother was a professional fine artist, a painter, as well as a businesswoman, and my father was the kind of mechanical engineer who’s born with a talent for fixing things, then for designing them. So I grew up with painterly smells from earliest childhood. It was probably inevitable that I’d get into voice acting and audio work.

I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future…or the past or the present.

I’ll have more news on upcoming releases as I learn of them.