Lammily – more realistic than Barbie

Want a more realistic young woman action figure or doll? — a realistic alternative to Barbie. I was looking up info on Barbie, Ken, and their sisters, brothers, and friends, and I came across a reference to a realistically proportioned doll being made as an alternative to Barbie’s body image. “Lammily” ( see ) was crowd-funded recently and will be available in a first edition in November of this year. There’s also a Wiki page.

The site says the artist / maker plans other, ethnically diverse dolls. I didn’t see mention of realistically proportioned male dolls, but I think that would be a great idea too. Why should girls or boys grow up seeing hyper-masculine, unreachable body builder male bodies, any more than unreachable supermodel female bodies?

Their message also includes showing the doll in an active, healthy, happy lifestyle, but not an unreachable one. She’s shown in good looking but not flashy clothes, more like what a typical young woman would wear.

I do wish they had come up with a better slogan. The Lammily doll’s slogan is, “Average is Beautiful.” Of course, they mean average body build. But who wants to be only average, or look average, and who wants to dream for only the average? Nearly everyone wants to be, to look, better than “average.” Though for many, being more like that “average” would be a relief, a step up, due to whatever ways we differ from the (expected) or ideal norm.

Maybe, “Realistic is Beautiful” or “Beautiful is not unrealistic” ?

She looks good. Her waist isn’t overly thin. Her bust isn’t overly large. (Yes, women and girls vary. Some have small busts, others have large busts, without any artificial enhancement.) But the doll is presented as average or medium to small bust size, or anyway, not the “blow up balloon” breasts. — Most guys actually prefer a natural look. Sure, some guys like larger breasts, but girls and young women ought to know that most guys (men, boys) are happy with whatever a gal has. Average is fine. Small, medium, or large is fine. Natural is what guys actually like. … And although that’s nice, it isn’t the only thing a guy is really looking for when he’s looking for a partner.

Hmm, I don’t know why I just stepped up on that soapbox, given the givens (and my personal circumstances). :shrugs:

I’d like to see them do an average build male doll too.

It looks like there was a huge demand out there for a more realistic body ideal doll. They more than surpassed their funding goals.

So I hope it’ll be a success.