Audio Roles For
Star Trek: Lost Frontier


Ben Whisman | BlueCatShip has appeared in a few web science fiction and fantasy podcasts and fan audio-video series since 2009, and other voice audio work on the web since 2006. Related: Voice and Audio Work

Production Notes

Dropbox access is available to production staff if needed. Please email Ben Whisman at

Current BEST Configuration

  1. // Preferences for System Sound Input and for Audacity;
  2. Input Source: “C-Media Recording Input Microphone”;
  3. Noise Reduction Switch: –10 dB;
  4. Bass Reduction Switch: OFF;
  5. Input Volume: 15%;
  6. To keep volume levels in range and not maxing out for ordinary speech volume.
  7. Links


Past Production

Current Production

  1. Star Trek: Lost Frontier ~ Episode 2.04 Cat’s Claw. The production is in transition, starting up again with a new team, so I have not yet included the official site link, as that might change. When it’s confirmed, I’ll post the updated link. Two alternate pronunciations of the R sound for possible use.
  2. Cadet K’Turr R1, a Caitian Male. (R1 – 1xRR – Single R, American retroflex R.) (Raw takes of lines, about 50.1 MB file.)
  3. Cadet K’Turr R2, a Caitian Male. (R2 – 2xRR – Double R, Scottish or Spanish Trill/Flap R.) (Raw takes of lines, about 35.7 MB file.)
  4. NEW! Cadet K’Turr Take 3, a Caitian male ~ Take 3 (to fix sound quality) about 59.3 MB;