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Starship Excelsior


Ben Whisman | BlueCatShip has appeared in a few web science fiction and fantasy podcasts and fan audio-video series since 2009, and other voice audio work on the web since 2006. Related: Voice and Audio Work

Production Notes

Dropbox access is available to Excelsior production staff if needed. Please email Ben Whisman at

Current BEST Configuration

  1. // Preferences for System Sound Input and for Audacity;
  2. Input Source: “C-Media Recording Input Microphone”;
  3. Noise Reduction Switch: –10 dB;
  4. Bass Reduction Switch: OFF;
  5. Input Volume: 15%;
  6. To keep volume levels in range and not maxing out for ordinary speech volume.
  7. Links


  1. Released: ; Starship Excelsior: Episode 3.09 “The Graceful End” — Lt. Rubio. (Lines were submitted for production: .)
    1. ep309-ben/ep309-rubio.mp3
  2. NEW! Released: Starship Excelsior: Episode 402 “Guards, Get Them!”; ~ Turgas, an alien. In Production: . Cast based on previous experience as Lt. Rubio. Turgas will be my largest Trek role to date. Lines submitted: . Take 2 submitted: . Call-back for new scene lines submitted:
    1. ep402-ben/ep402-13-take1-Turgas.mp3
    2. ep402-ben/ep402-13-take2-Turgas.mp3
    3. ep402-ben/ep402-16-take1-Turgas.mp3
    4. ep402-ben/ep402-18-take1-Turgas.mp3
    5. ep402-ben/ep402-23-take1-Turgas.mp3

Past Production

  1. Starship Excelsior: Episode 4.03 “At Death’s Door”;

Current Production

  1. Starship Excelsior: Episode 4.04 “The Teeming Shore”;


  1. Auditioned: ; Starship Excelsior: (Audition); Auditioners are asked to read two common dramatic readings to provide a baseline for comparison;
    1. Hamlet Soliloquy;
    2. Romeo and Juliet Prologue;


  1. Recorded: ; EXC-306 ~ Starship Excelsior: Episode 3.06 “The Man From Syracuse” — Voice of Borg Chorus (member) (unused);

Takes 01 through 04 (Desktop) — Done in tandem with the provided track. These have a little clipping or fuzzing on the highs and lows, more than I’d like. There is also a test recording, Test 01, done on my Notebook, and currently, I’ve deemed my Notebook unacceptable for audio recording. However, the echo/reverb and in-and-out may be useful for an effect, so I’ve included it here.

  1. ep306-ben-take01.mp3
  2. ep306-ben-take02.mp3
  3. ep306-ben-take03.mp3
  4. ep306-ben-take04.mp3
  5. ep306-ben-test01.mp3