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Production Notes

Dropbox access is available to production staff upon request.

See Sound Checkup for current audio equipment and settings I use for recording.

By Series

  • Here ~ My work is posted Here at my site for reference.
  • Site ~ Official Site where episodes are posted.
  • Series staff and actors will find my work Here as needed.
  • Please contact me if you need files or can’t find something.

By Roles ~ Accepted

By Roles ~ Accepted
Date-Time Series-Episode Roles
FG-101 Cadet Chatter
FG-101 Background Comm Chatter
HF-FED-201 Klingon Guard
HF-FED-201 Crowd Voices
HF-HMD-102 Cardassian Glinn Guanar
HF-EQU-102 Krowtonian Guard (Unreleased)
EXC-306 Borg Chorus Member (Unused)
EXC-309 Lt. Rubio
EXC-402 Turgas
MIR-101 Chekov (Regular Cast)
MIR-101 Johnson (Audition)
LF204 Cadet K’Turr

By Roles ~ Auditioned

By Roles ~ Auditioned
Date-Time Series-Episode Roles
HR13-103 Bobby (Audition)
HR13-103 Clint (Audition)
HR13-103 Officer Jones (Audition)
HR13-103 Gravedigger (Audition)
HR13-000 Ens. Norris (Audition)
HR13-000 Dr. Osgood (Audition)
HR13-000 Capt. Thatcher (Audition)
HR13-000 Lt. Mendoza (Audition)
HR13-000 Narrator (Audition)
HR13-000 Dir. Jensen (Audition)

Recently Published

  1. Released: Star Trek: Excelsior Episode 3.09 “The Graceful End” — Lt. Rubio. (Lines were submitted for production: .)
  2. Released: Starship Excelsior: Episode 402 “Guards, Get Them!”; ~ Turgas, an alien. In Production: Cast based on previous experience as Lt. Rubio. Turgas will be my largest Trek role to date. Lines submitted: ; Take 2 submitted: . Call-back for new scene lines submitted: .
  3. NEW! To Be Released : Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny ~ Episode 1 Revolutionaries ~ Role: Ens. Pavel Chekov

In Production

  • For Past Productions, see each series project.
  1. Star Trek: Lost Frontier; Episode 2.04 Cat’s Claw; Cadet K’Turr, a Caitian male; ~ R1 or 1xRR Take;
  2. Star Trek: Lost Frontier; Episode 2.04 Cat’s Claw; Cadet K’Turr, a Caitian male; ~ R2 or 2xRR Take;
  3. NEW! Star Trek: Lost Frontier; Episode 2.04 Cat’s Claw; Cadet K’Turr, a Caitian male ~ Take 3 (to fix sound quality);
  4. Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny ~ Ens. Pavel Chekov (Regular Cast) ~ Ben Whisman (As Himself)
    1. Episode 2
    2. Episode 3
    3. Episode 2 In Memoriam
    4. Episode 4

Recent Auditions

  1. Auditioned: ; Giant Gnome Productions ~ The 13th Hour ~ Episode 004 The Rock and the Ghost.
    1. Bobby
    2. Clint
    3. Officer Jones
    4. Gravedigger
  2. Auditioned: ; Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny; Episode 0 Audition;
    1. Ensign Pavel Chekov (Regular Cast)
    2. Chief Guard Johnson (Audition)
  3. Auditioned: ; Giant Gnome Productions ~ The 13th Hour ~ Episode ### Heat. (6 roles, Lt. Mendoza with screams.)

Sound Effects

A growing library of sound effects. Public Domain. Coming Soon.

Handy Reference Work

Some common dramatic readings.

Sound Checkup

Test runs for various sound equipment.

Current BEST Configuration

  1. // Preferences for System Sound Input and for Audacity;
  2. Input Source: “C-Media Recording Input Microphone”;
  3. Noise Reduction Switch: –10 dB;
  4. Bass Reduction Switch: OFF;
  5. Input Volume: 15%;
  6. To keep volume levels in range and not maxing out for ordinary speech volume.

Past Work

  • ; CodeysWorld.com ~ Codey’s World — Extensive voice work as story/poem reader and web audio host; founding member, former webmaster and story editor; Gay-friendly site.
  • ; ShinyFiction.com ~ Writing and other media including audio.
  • ; For other past work, see By Series and By Roles.

Odds and Ends

  • Released: ;
  • Audio: The Chaos (MP3), poem by Dr. Gerald Nolst Trenite ca. 1920’s, read by Ben Whisman.
  • Text: The Chaos at Chevreux.org by Bastien Chevreux.
  • This recording was made at the request of a non-native English speaker. Permission or inclusion by M. Chevreux at his site is pending. No copyright infringement is intended.
  • The recording has audio placement, hardware, and software problems I (Ben) am working on resolving.