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Ben Whisman has appeared in a few web science fiction and fantasy podcasts and fan audio-video series since 2009, and other voice audio work on the web since 2006.

Production Staff

FTP access is available to production staff. Email: Ben Whisman bluecatship@shinyfiction.com



  1. Auditioned: ; Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: Federation One; Henglaar, M.D.; — The auditions for the episodes involved several very different roles, accents, and styles, and were fun to do.


  1. Released: ; FED-201 ~ Hidden Fronter: Federation One: Episode 2.01 “Intel” — Klingon Guard; plus crowd voices;
  2. Released: ; HMD-102 ~ Hidden Fronter: Henglaar, M.D.: Episode 1.02 “Best Served Cold” — Glinn Guanar (a Cardassian);

Lines for HMD 1.02

The auditioned lines for Cardassian Glinn Guanar were used in the episode. Another actor got the role of the communications officer.


  1. hmd-102-glinn-guanar-take01.mp3
  2. hmd-102-comm-ofcr-lines-take01.mp3
  3. hmd-102-comm-ofcr-lines-take02.mp3

Lines for FED 2.01

Each cast member was asked to deliver his or her lines plus several ad-libbed lines for crowd noises during a fight scene.


  1. alright-whoo.mp3
  2. booing.mp3
  3. fight-with-honor-01.mp3
  4. fight-with-honor-02.mp3
  5. fight-x3-human-male-high.mp3
  6. fight-x3-human-male-mid.mp3
  7. fight-x3-klingon-male.mp3
  8. get-away-from-that-wall-01.mp3
  9. get-away-from-that-wall-02.mp3
  10. get-in-there-01.mp3
  11. get-in-there-02.mp3
  12. get-in-there-03.mp3
  13. gorn-hisses.mp3
  14. khh.mp3
  15. kill-x3-hard-k-high.mp3
  16. kill-x3-klingon-male.mp3
  17. klingon-male-grunt-01.mp3
  18. klingon-male-grunt-02.mp3
  19. klingon-male-grunt-03.mp3
  20. klingon-male-grunt-04.mp3
  21. klingon-male-grunt-05.mp3
  22. klingon-male-grunt-06.mp3
  23. klingon-male-grunt-07.mp3
  24. nuqneh.mp3
  25. qaplah-benw.mp3


  • Auditioned: and for Star Trek: Equinox Episode 1.02 “The Array” — Krowtonan Guard and other guest roles and background ad-lib voices. Series in pre-production.
    1. (OW) eq102-bcs-auditions1.mp3
    2. (OH) eq102-bcs-auditions2.mp3
  • In Production: EQX-102 ~ Star Trek: Equinox: Season 1: “The Array” Krowtonan Guard; Production appears to have ceased. EQX-102 unreleased. EQX-101 “Shakedown” Released.
  • I was accepted for the part, my lines were received and accepted, but production ceased. Since it has now been over 18 months, I am making the audio available as an example of my work.
  • HF Equinox spawned an independent film project, also called Equinox, which separated from Hidden Frontier Productions. The film is in production, but the audio drama from HF appears to have ceased production.