About Ben Whisman

Ben Whisman ~ Photo 2005
Ben Whisman ~ Photo

Ben Whisman is an editor, writer, artist, voice audio artist, and web designer. He has professional experience from the mid-1980’s to late 1990’s in desktop publishing and graphics, and from the early 1990’s in font design. He has resumed writing and font design work.

Ben Whisman has appeared in several audio dramas since 2009, in science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. He has done other voice audio work on the web since 2006. Voice work has included human, alien, and animal voices, as well as foreign accents.

He has been a science fiction fan as long as he can remember, and some of his story ideas and drawings date back to high school. Original stories, poetry, and fiction appear on his website, along with fan-based media.

He is from Houston, Texas. He speaks English natively. He speaks French and Spanish, each with near-native accents. College coursework included English and French literature. Other languages and cultures are always interesting. Voice work has included a Russian accent, among others.

Special areas of concern include web accessibility, handicap and impairment needs, and GLBT / gay-friendly issues. He is vision-impaired (legally blind / low-vision). He was a primary caregiver from the early 1990’s until late 2011.

A full list of his audio work and other media appear on his website: