Original artwork, graphics, photos. Includes computer drawn/painted art and hand-drawn art.

I will be adding hand drawn and computer drawn/painted artwork. I’ve been neglecting additions for too long.


  • My Spirit Flies
  • 4.5×3.0 inch Art Card by Ben Whisman
  • PNG Image

This small card’s sentiment reminds us there is more to life than the mere physical, emotional, or societal barriers we face, including those we place in our own paths.


  • Snowman GSA Ad
  • 277×235 pixel Advertisement by Ben Whisman (as Blue)
  • PNG Image
  • Created:
  • Revised:

This snowman illustration was done on spec. The idea came to me and was too good not to do. I will have a larger version available soon for use on flyers or posters, along with ad copy. This will be available to GSAs and other friendly groups as a PSA ad.


  • Table Blessing
  • 8.5×11 inch 2-up (5.5×8.5 inch each) Art Card by Ben Whisman
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF

This table blessing card sits with a candle at an extra place setting during the holidays. It’s a tradition started since 2007, to remind us of family and friends who can’t be there, for whatever reason.