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Original Works

Original works by Ben Whisman, with audio, materializing as they become ready.




  • 11 articles on subjects serious or not, general or technical: Writing, Grammar, Spelling, CSS Styles, SVG Graphics, personal interest, etc.
  • Feline Editorial Stance

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Coming Soon. Original Fonts / Typefaces in OpenType and Webfonts formats for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

These fonts will be sold by 3rd-Party Vendors.



Themes for websites with HTML5 + CSS3 + SVG 1.1 styles, images, colors, and webfonts.


How is color handled on screen and in print? Color resources including information and reference charts.


Original artwork, graphics, photos. — I will be adding hand drawn and computer drawn/painted artwork. I’ve been neglecting additions for too long.


Original photos including former attempts at gardening, former or current odds and ends, and people and things that catch my interest. The cats have their own space. See below.

Old Guitar Slideshow.


My opinionated cats demanded their own space. Current and former cats, resident or visiting or fostering, my cats have their own photos and stories here.

New visiting and foster kitties, new and old resident kitties.

Voice and Audio Work

Ben Whisman | BlueCatShip has appeared in a few web science fiction and fantasy podcasts and fan audio-video series, and other voice audio work on the web.

  1. Audio: The Chaos, poem by Dr. Gerald Nolst Trenite ca. 1920’s, read by Ben Whisman.
  2. Audio pages redone for upcoming roles and past performances. There are also pages for each series and a master page for production status as a C.V. résumé.
  3. Released: Starship Excelsior: Episode 4.02 “Guards, Get Them!”; ~ Turgas (an alien);
  4. Recent In Production: Star Trek: Lost Frontier; Episode 2.04 Cat’s Claw; Cadet K’Turr, a Caitian male ~ Take 3 (to fix sound quality);
  5. NEW! To Be Released : Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny ~ Episode 1 Revolutionaries ~ Role: Ens. Pavel Chekov
  6. NEW! Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny ~ Episode 3: The First Rule ~ Role: Ens. Pavel Chekov (Regular Cast)

Fan Worlds

Science Fiction and Fantasy fan-based works, plus links to other authors and fans.

Foreigner Books by C.J. Cherryh bibliography update.

Map of Compact Space added to new Chanur Fan Site.

Toy Box Tales

An upcoming story series with action figures, ball jointed dolls, cool toys, and so on. Series coming in .


What’s Cookin’?

Cool Sites

  • Interesting sites about all sorts of things.
  • Explore galaxies of science fiction and fantasy and meet fellow fans and authors.
  • Audio and Trek links updated.
  • LGBT links and page update.
  • Font Vendors